Sunday, August 22, 2004

Odds, Ends

Some web, er, resources I'm clearing from my bookmarks & which are worth a moment:

Infectious diseases – collect them all! The Centers for Disease Control have put out a series of collectible trading cards for various diseases. (Reagan had the AIDS 1981 rookie card, but he just put it in the spokes of his Huffy.)

Being a Condensed Treatment of the New Moving Picture King Arthur, in Hopes that 115 or More Minutes of Your Life might be Devoted to More Fruitful Purfuits.

If you're a drunk & nerdy grad student in the humanities like me (and yes, those first two qualifiers are superfluous), you'll love the MLA interactive map of the U.S., based on 2000 census data on languages spoken in American households:

    If you want to graphically display the concentration of French speakers in Louisiana by county (centered, for the most part, on Lafayette and the immediately surrounding counties), you can.

    If you want to find out the zip codes with the most Chinese speakers in the Bay Area, you could show that they’re 94539 (north of Milpitas), 95014 (south of Mountain View), as well as a handful in San Francisco itself (94112, 94116, 94121, 94122, 94133, 94134).

    And if Ellis wants to speak the language of his putative ancestor, Johann Johannson, he could go to the Bay Area (!), but also the Everett/SeaTac corridor in Washington, Hennepin Co. in Minnesota, and Cook Co. in Illinois (i.e., Chicago).
Eventually, tho’, it’ll devolve into questions like: What’re the Navajo-est zip codes in the DC area? (Hint: 22206 – Arlington/Shirlington Ave., 20002 – NE D.C., and 20815 – downtown Bethesda.) At that point you really need to sober up and do some real work.

(Just saw "The Fog of War" on DVD. Still grinding mental gears, but look for a post on it soon).


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