Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Too Racist for the Tennessee GOP?

Have we learned nothing from Governor George Wallace?

From the Washington Post:

Southern Discomfort

An unabashed racist won the Republican nomination for a House district in Tennessee earlier this month. James Hart, who contends that whites should not mix with "less favored races," thumped a Republican write-in candidate -- 7,865 to 2,061 -- to win the party's nomination for the state's 8th Congressional District.

"The poverty genes of less 'favored races', which are spread by welfare and immigration, are destroying our cities no less than if they were hit by a nuclear bomb," Hart said on his campaign Web site. "Unless we stop dysgenic welfare and immigration policies, the U.S. will look like one big Detroit."

The state GOP, which was unable to find another candidate in time for the election's filing deadline, has disowned Hart's campaign, calling his views "outrageous." The district, which is represented by Rep. John S. Tanner (D-Tenn.), is considered Democratic country. But Hart's candidacy will nevertheless give him a platform for his views and the Republican Party a headache.

My roommate Mike is from Hart's future district (Martin, Tenn., in NW Tenn.). Both of Mike's parents voted for him. Says Mike: "they were shocked that a Republican would say such things." Shocked, shmocked. He also mentioned that Hart wears a bulletproof vest whenever he leaves the house, so apparently we have learned something from Wallace.


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